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For the love of the ocean
and the happiness it brings.


Our Boards.

Hand crafted custom surfboards no matter what waves your into.

We create performance boards, Single fins,Twins, Longboards and more.

We have a selection of rare collected vintage fabrics we can inlay into your board too. Because plain white boards are boring!



Designed for the everyday girl. Relaxed Tanks, Tee’s and Sweats. Throw on for the day and don’t look back for there are too many adventures to be had before going home.



We love spreading Oolah right? Thats why we made these super cool cards so you can write your friends, family, lovers and secret admirers love notes. There is a card for absolutely everyone in our collection!



We’re all about the outdoors here at Oolah, so being sun smart is our number one priority before stepping into the sweet sunshine.



Our granola fuels your fun packed adventure for the day. Hey people breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Eat before a surf, a walk, a bike ride, Ohh and of course before work! We want you to be feeling on top of your game every damn day. Oh and a little secret… we’ve been told our granola is the best they’ve ever had! Bit sweet. ;)



Because we like to be pretty. Sterling silver and beaded jewellery for the ocean loving girl. We’re inspired by that big beautiful blue sea.